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Could Thor break Captain America's shield & Which is better, DC's The Dark Knight or Marvel’s Avengers: Infinity War?

Well the sledge doesn't should be of vibranium. Thor hammers is made out of uru metal which is one of the rarest metal in nine relm of wonder universe. Uru metal is as solid as unadulterated adimantium (The thing out of which Wolverine skeleton is made ). 
Vibranium is additionally an extremely uncommon metal
in wonder universe and is known not for its sturdiness but rather for its extraordinary energy of retaining vitality and discharging it. Skipper America shield is made of a blend of both adimantium and vibranium which makes its indestructible and having the ability to ingest the power of assault easily(let it be vitality based or physical assault). Thor hammers is made out of uru metal which have the energy of an outsider sentinal cloud (which was vanquished by Odin and traped in the bit of uru metal out of which the sledge was made) with the goal that implies that thors pound is as sturdy as adimantium and concerning the way that vibranium can ingest vitality there is the energy of sentinal cloud in that mallet which can make colossal measure of vitality which can even be more than the vibranium can retain. Likewise there have been occasions where Captain. Shield was obliterated by enormous elements by there vitality. In short Thor and his sledge have energy to devastate shield and Don not should be made of vibranium. 

what's more, second thing is that he doesn't require vibranium. Thor's mallet, Mjolnir, is made of a captivated metal Uru, an Asgardian valuable metal. The above picture unmistakably demonstrates Thor imprinting Cap's shield and settling it couple of minutes after the fact. Not just demonstrate a small amount of Mjolnir's energy, it additionally demonstrates that Thor is fit for crushing Cap's shield. On the off chance that Mjolnir was made of vibranium, it wouldn't be as effective as it needs otherworldly properties and wouldn't have the capacity to summon lightning. In any case, like how mechanical review jewels are utilized to cut and shape different precious stones, correspondingly a vibranium mallet can harm a vibranium shield. Be that as it may, Cap's shield is made of a vibranium-proto Adamantium composite thus this is far-fetched. 

Which is better, DC's The Dark Knight or Marvel’s Avengers: Infinity War?

To begin with up please don't contrast the dull knight set of three and some other superhuman motion picture its on its very own level. Also not at all like wonder the dull knight set of three is an impression of Christopher Nolans splendour, despite the fact that the characters depend on DC funnies Nolan has given them his very own touch particularly the joker, which made the performing artist and the character popular. In the event that Nolan had taken after the funnies totally the dull knight set of three would have been completely extraordinary. 
Wonder then again has given this flexibility to the chiefs in the greater part of their motion pictures, u can watch interminably war and still appreciate the story-line regardless of whether u haven't viewed the independent films of individual characters , yet that is not the situation for DC. Take BvsS for eg. the scene where streak sets out back so as to caution Batman must be comprehended by one who peruses funnies, this is one of the numerous things that separate or at the end of the day make wonder films all the more speaking to the general crowd.

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Is Shuri smarter than Tony Stark?

No,she isn't more intelligent than tony.Since suri acquired such propelled innovation in wakanda she may seem more astute than everybody except in all actuality she is no where as savvy as mcu tony stark.Just envision what unmistakable will do in the event that he approached all the vibranium of wakanda. Enough prattling from me- 

One basic motivation behind why I think tony is the most intelligent human in mcu is - He can do everything what wakanda innovation can do.He doesnt require outsider metal which can be utilised and connected in relatively every field.Tony does this with straightforward human laws of science and technology.example nanites utilised as a part of mark50 in vastness war is like vibranium suit of tchalla. You may have seen at this point The way Black Panther's suit rises up out of accessory seems to be like check 50 suit of tony. 

though tony's suit is comprised of nanobots which in my view is much hard to control.Also the rigidity and thickness these nanobots give the suit is essentially mind-blowing.The vibranium suit doesn't need to stress over the quality part since it can ingest any sort of force.Hence again great metal property, not all that such engineering(compared to tony).I accentuated on looking at their suit since I don't have much reference to suri's feat.I take that she is the one behind the cutting edge black panther suit thus contrasting the suits appeared to be natural. 

Good fortunes to suri making mark 50 while never approaching wakandan innovation. 

However, I should state, everything rely upon mcu scholars on the off chance that they need to extend suri as sharpest human than there is no requirement for any debate.One all the more thing that supports her will be her age. I don't have anything against suri, i m a distinct fan and furthermore obvious being more quick witted is intelligent at-least to me. In the event that you think legitimately He is the most intelligent person on earth.

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Avengers: Infinity War ending explained.(Your-Movie-World)

Your Movie World
The superhero-stuffed Avengers: Infinity War is a culmination of story lines that began with Iron Man in 2008. But it has left us obsessing more over the arcana of the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) than all of the preceding 18 movies in the canon. This is because the Russo brothers' unprecedented crossover event ends with a slate-cleaning tragedy that even Reddit's most deeply invested MCU fans weren't able to foretell. After a while, we were left wondering if what we watched wasn't just an elaborate The Leftovers-MCU crossover episode, starring Carrie Coon.
Sure, the movie offered pure blockbuster delight but there was also sorrow, hopelessness and, above all, utter shock at its dark conclusion. And we understand you have all sorts of questions, so we'll try our best to answer them.manages to wipe out half of all life in the universe with a mere snap of his fingers.
In a stunning sequence, ten of our beloved superheroes — Black Panther, Spider-Man, Doctor Strange, Bucky Barnes, Falcon, Scarlet Witch, Star-Lord, Groot, Drax and Mantis — disintegrates and fades away into dust. What was more shocking were the ones who survived the catastrophe. Many expected few of the original Avengers — like Captain America, Iron Man and Thor — to bite the bullet. But they manage to hang on, along with Black Widow, Hulk, War Machine, Rocket, M’Baku, Nebula and Okoye.
In the post-credits scene, two other familiar faces — Nick Fury and Maria Hill — are driving through the streets of New York when they hear chatter on a news broadcast about Tony Stark's disappearance, invading ships and the general situation in Wakanda. They are interrupted when they get hit by a car. But, upon investigating, they find that the car has no driver. Before you know it, a helicopter falls out of the sky and people around them begin to evaporate. Slowly realising what's happening, they decide to send out a distress call. Soon, Maria starts turning into dust and before the same happens to him, Nick pulls out a peculiar-looking futuristic pager to send a message. He dissolves into nothing before he can utter "motherf**ker" and the pager falls to the ground.

As the camera glances over the pager, we see a red and blue insignia with a gold star at the centre and the screen fades to black

Are all of those characters dead for real?

Firstly, Marvel won't just kill off that many characters (and potential multi-million dollar franchises) all at once. It simply doesn't make business sense. Secondly, there are already confirmed sequels to Black Panther, Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 and Spider-Man: Homecoming. Also, there's no way the studio will put someone like Doctor Strange out of commission.

When it comes to Heimdall and Loki, it's safe to assume they've gone to comic book heaven and there will be no resurrections this time around, as the Mad Titan himself assured.
Though Shuri failed in her attempts to remove the Mind Stone safely from Vision's brow, she must have surely saved some of the important data during his surgery before the Black Order's attack. The Wakandan princess might still have a way of saving his mind, even if not his body. So, all Vision really needs is a new vessel to inhabit.

It is hard to say if the ones who disintegrated have really perished or if the Infinity Stones precipitated some time reversal or reality warping or soul-searching event. After all, death has never been a permanent, irreversible situation in the world of comics.
He's thinking long-term and losing the battle was necessary to win the ultimate war. Think about it. He had sworn an oath to protect the Orb of Agamotto with his life and he previously did say that he wouldn’t hesitate if he had to sacrifice both Iron Man and Spider-Man to keep it out of Thanos' hands. He's a pretty smart and sensible guy and you can't help but think that he gave up the Time Stone rather too willingly in exchange for Stark's life. Before he turns into dust, he makes an oracular remark to Stark, saying, "There was no other way." He foresaw the only way to defeat Thanos and this must have included the Mad Titan possessing all six Stones.

Just like how Thanos uses the Time Stone to prevent Scarlet Witch from destroying the Mind Stone embedded in Vision's brow, the Sorcerer Supreme must know a way to reverse the events of Infinity War.
In the comics, the Soul Stone has the ability to capture and manipulate the
souls of all sentient beings in the universe. But the stone is also a gateway of sorts to a pocket dimension called the Soul World, where it traps the souls it consumes. In the final scene in Infinity War, Thanos smiles — apparently at peace with himself having accomplished his goal — at an orange-tinged idyllic landscape, which may very well be Soul World. But the smile is preceded
by a moment of regret. When the Mad Titan is reunited with a child version of Gamora in this dreamscape, she confronts him about the cost of his zealous crusade and he replies, "Everything," as if questioning his own actions.
Maybe, Gamora isn't dead but merely trapped inside the Soul World. If all the lives claimed by the Soul Stone merely become part of its pocket dimension, there could be a way to bring back our lost heroes if the remaining Avengers gained possession of the gem. Perhaps, this is why the Russo brothers chose to end their movie with a shot of Thanos and young Gamora looking out at the sunset — to give us hope. 

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Teen Titans TV Series (Your-Movie-World)

Did your remember teen titans American animated superhero T.V series created by Glen Murakami, based on the DC Comics characters of the same name they are coming back with there new web television series that will air on a DC Comics digital service,its a web series with 13 mind blowing episodes with bunch of superheros along with there superpowers The upcoming Titans TV show will feature a team of some legendary characters from DC Comics history, led by none other than Dick Grayson himself. The series, which will air on DC's direct-to-consumer streaming service, is long-awaited by DC Comics fans who have been dying for a live-action adaptation of the Teen Titans. Now, DC Entertainment President and Chief Creative Officer Geoff Johns has revealed that the Titans won't be the only team of superheroes to appear on the new show. The Doom Patrol has a part to play as well  

Release date: 2018(USA) date not announced till yet

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If you already watched infinity war movie then you are very excited to know that who is caption marvel and why did fury call her, is that caption marvel have enough powers to fight with thanos then I going tell you each and every thing about Caption Marvel and my point of views why fury call her for help so now let’s get start.



Your-Movie-WorldCaption marvel AKA Carol Susan Jane Danvers is CIA agent turned United States Air Force fighter pilot she have a colleague name Kree he is already a superhero called Mar-Vell in explosion Carol DNA fused with mar-vell and giving her superhuman powers and then she became caption marvel because she got her powers from Mar-vell. During in this story she meet Young agent nick fury Carol Danvers has been labelled "Marvel's biggest female hero “and "quite possibly Marvel's mightiest Avenger"

Ms. Marvel's current powers include flight,
Enhanced strength, durability and the ability
 to shoot concussive energy bursts from her hands.

A film based on Carol Danvers has been in development at

Marvel Studios since as early as May 2013 A release date was first set in October 2014,but now its scheduled to be released in the United States on March 8, 2019, in IMAX and 3D. for now more precisely click here (CAPTION MAVREL)

Here is a list of 10 most powerful characters in the Marvel Universe. To know more read next blog on Sunday
Phoenix Force

Avengers: Infinity War smashes box office record (Your Movie World)


The 19th instalment & first crossover film by MCU avenger’s infinity war is released worldwide and break several big movie records like snapping the fingers likewise THANOS did after collect all infinity stones Infinity War
broke the Hollywood record of highest opening day business in
collecting a huge amount of ₹ 31.30 crore. Meanwhile rampage at the box office the infinity war has been setting milestones from Day 1 as it also recorded the highest opening day collection for any film in India in 2018. From the source. (Continues to create HAVOC at the BO… Fri 31.30 cr, Sat 30.50 cr. Total: ₹ 61.80 cr NettBOC. India biz… GrossBOC: ₹ 79.23 cr… #Avengers #InfinityWar.”)

Worldwide collection

The Marvel movie 10 years in the making brought in $630 million in box-office 
returns worldwide in its debut weekend, ComScore estimated—more than any 
movie ever released. In Domestically infinity war Earning of $250 million in 
weekend which is previously recorded was another movie star wars: the Force 


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Team of Thanos(Black order) (Your Movie World)

Are you wondering what's black order who are they, powers, so set back relax and just read this article and you will know everything about the black order which you want to know.

The Black Order is a group of ruthless aliens that work for Mad titan Thanos. In this group have 5 member and those have unique powers likewise avengers oh sorry except the hawkeye & black widow so the team of black order have 5 members included Thanos.

1.Ebony maw-The Strongest member of team black because he believe on strategy over the violence make him the most dangerous hazardous of them all. Specialty of this guy is Gadgets master,master of seduction,Intellect,teleportation,Voice-Induced Manipulation. as we seen in second trailer of avengers infinity war how he controlled doctor strange, its like puppet.He is also great threat for avengers but he is also like loki, likewise loki want to be a king Of asgard as same ebony maw wants be a king of universe so maybe ebony betray thanos in this movie. Tom vaughan-Lawlor is going to play this role in the movie of infinity war.
2. Proxima Midnight- She is adopted children of thanos like gamora and nebula she the greatest warrior in the team of black order and serve thanos proxima is wife of another member of black order name is Corvus Glaive she have a spear which is forged from a sun,was deformed in space-time with great straight ability like caption america so she the main opponent of cap. likewise we seen in infinity war movie trailer the spear of proxima can shoot supernova waves and also create nets with straight of stars to hold any opponent like hulk but still we know that see might me not a threat for the avengers cause marvel story is sometime different then we thought so in that case black panther & Caption is enough for this enemy. Till yet marvel didn't announced who is going to be play one screen role of proxima midnight
3. Corvus Glaive- Corvus glaive is the ruthless and cruel servant of mad titan thanos he the most faithful representative in the black order he betrayed his own people to obtain fame with thanos he is the husband of proxima midnight. He have straight, speed and blade with supernatural powers which make him immortal its means he can't die if blade remain by his side if blade broke he will die automatically.With help of her wife proxima both destroyed worlds. Like proxima marvel still didn't announce who is going be play the role of Corvus till yet.He is the main opponent of scarlet witch but as we know scarlet witch is also have great powers.
4.Black dwarf- The giant body structure, height, and straight make him semi-commander of thanos dwarf prefer peace and silence then other team members. In marvel comic he defeated by black panther while attacking to wakanda. dwarf he main threat for hulk or maybe hulk defeat him single handily.Dwarf have super straight super thick hard skin which is unbreakable.
5. Thanos(The Mad Titan). Thanos or mad titan & top strongest living creature in the MCU universe he is also the leader of black order team with unlimited powers eventually he have 30 types of superpower included power of immorality which makes him king of million Galaxy's but he also have lots of powerful enemy's & that's why he want all infinity stones which make him ruler of entire universe. Thanos is Knowledge seeker, destroyer conqueror, nihilist the birth place of thanos is titan (moon of Saturn) and like the name he is mad and due to anger he destroyed own planted because he looks different then other family members and have lots more superpower then other titans. The powers of thanos is
blast power,energy manipulation, energy shield,heat vision,self-healing,,speed and many more.John Brolin is going to play role of thanos in infinity war movie.

News-As marvel announced in some week ago this movie would be the longest movie in avengers movie series its about 2 hours and 36 min long.

Avengers infinity war arrives in cinemas 27 April 2018.

Avengers: Infinity War ending explained.(Your-Movie-World)

The superhero-stuffed Avengers: Infinity War is a culmination of story lines that began with Iron Man in 2008. But it has left us obses...