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Monday, April 9, 2018

Team of Thanos(Black order) (Your Movie World)

Are you wondering what's black order who are they, powers, so set back relax and just read this article and you will know everything about the black order which you want to know.

The Black Order is a group of ruthless aliens that work for Mad titan Thanos. In this group have 5 member and those have unique powers likewise avengers oh sorry except the hawkeye & black widow so the team of black order have 5 members included Thanos.

1.Ebony maw-The Strongest member of team black because he believe on strategy over the violence make him the most dangerous hazardous of them all. Specialty of this guy is Gadgets master,master of seduction,Intellect,teleportation,Voice-Induced Manipulation. as we seen in second trailer of avengers infinity war how he controlled doctor strange, its like puppet.He is also great threat for avengers but he is also like loki, likewise loki want to be a king Of asgard as same ebony maw wants be a king of universe so maybe ebony betray thanos in this movie. Tom vaughan-Lawlor is going to play this role in the movie of infinity war.
2. Proxima Midnight- She is adopted children of thanos like gamora and nebula she the greatest warrior in the team of black order and serve thanos proxima is wife of another member of black order name is Corvus Glaive she have a spear which is forged from a sun,was deformed in space-time with great straight ability like caption america so she the main opponent of cap. likewise we seen in infinity war movie trailer the spear of proxima can shoot supernova waves and also create nets with straight of stars to hold any opponent like hulk but still we know that see might me not a threat for the avengers cause marvel story is sometime different then we thought so in that case black panther & Caption is enough for this enemy. Till yet marvel didn't announced who is going to be play one screen role of proxima midnight
3. Corvus Glaive- Corvus glaive is the ruthless and cruel servant of mad titan thanos he the most faithful representative in the black order he betrayed his own people to obtain fame with thanos he is the husband of proxima midnight. He have straight, speed and blade with supernatural powers which make him immortal its means he can't die if blade remain by his side if blade broke he will die automatically.With help of her wife proxima both destroyed worlds. Like proxima marvel still didn't announce who is going be play the role of Corvus till yet.He is the main opponent of scarlet witch but as we know scarlet witch is also have great powers.
4.Black dwarf- The giant body structure, height, and straight make him semi-commander of thanos dwarf prefer peace and silence then other team members. In marvel comic he defeated by black panther while attacking to wakanda. dwarf he main threat for hulk or maybe hulk defeat him single handily.Dwarf have super straight super thick hard skin which is unbreakable.
5. Thanos(The Mad Titan). Thanos or mad titan & top strongest living creature in the MCU universe he is also the leader of black order team with unlimited powers eventually he have 30 types of superpower included power of immorality which makes him king of million Galaxy's but he also have lots of powerful enemy's & that's why he want all infinity stones which make him ruler of entire universe. Thanos is Knowledge seeker, destroyer conqueror, nihilist the birth place of thanos is titan (moon of Saturn) and like the name he is mad and due to anger he destroyed own planted because he looks different then other family members and have lots more superpower then other titans. The powers of thanos is
blast power,energy manipulation, energy shield,heat vision,self-healing,,speed and many more.John Brolin is going to play role of thanos in infinity war movie.

News-As marvel announced in some week ago this movie would be the longest movie in avengers movie series its about 2 hours and 36 min long.

Avengers infinity war arrives in cinemas 27 April 2018.

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