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The superhero-stuffed Avengers: Infinity War is a culmination of story lines that began with Iron Man in 2008. But it has left us obsessing more over the arcana of the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) than all of the preceding 18 movies in the canon. This is because the Russo brothers' unprecedented crossover event ends with a slate-cleaning tragedy that even Reddit's most deeply invested MCU fans weren't able to foretell. After a while, we were left wondering if what we watched wasn't just an elaborate The Leftovers-MCU crossover episode, starring Carrie Coon.
Sure, the movie offered pure blockbuster delight but there was also sorrow, hopelessness and, above all, utter shock at its dark conclusion. And we understand you have all sorts of questions, so we'll try our best to answer them.manages to wipe out half of all life in the universe with a mere snap of his fingers.
In a stunning sequence, ten of our beloved superheroes — Black Panther, Spider-Man, Doctor Strange, Bucky Barnes, Falcon, Scarlet Witch, Star-Lord, Groot, Drax and Mantis — disintegrates and fades away into dust. What was more shocking were the ones who survived the catastrophe. Many expected few of the original Avengers — like Captain America, Iron Man and Thor — to bite the bullet. But they manage to hang on, along with Black Widow, Hulk, War Machine, Rocket, M’Baku, Nebula and Okoye.
In the post-credits scene, two other familiar faces — Nick Fury and Maria Hill — are driving through the streets of New York when they hear chatter on a news broadcast about Tony Stark's disappearance, invading ships and the general situation in Wakanda. They are interrupted when they get hit by a car. But, upon investigating, they find that the car has no driver. Before you know it, a helicopter falls out of the sky and people around them begin to evaporate. Slowly realising what's happening, they decide to send out a distress call. Soon, Maria starts turning into dust and before the same happens to him, Nick pulls out a peculiar-looking futuristic pager to send a message. He dissolves into nothing before he can utter "motherf**ker" and the pager falls to the ground.

As the camera glances over the pager, we see a red and blue insignia with a gold star at the centre and the screen fades to black

Are all of those characters dead for real?

Firstly, Marvel won't just kill off that many characters (and potential multi-million dollar franchises) all at once. It simply doesn't make business sense. Secondly, there are already confirmed sequels to Black Panther, Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 and Spider-Man: Homecoming. Also, there's no way the studio will put someone like Doctor Strange out of commission.

When it comes to Heimdall and Loki, it's safe to assume they've gone to comic book heaven and there will be no resurrections this time around, as the Mad Titan himself assured.
Though Shuri failed in her attempts to remove the Mind Stone safely from Vision's brow, she must have surely saved some of the important data during his surgery before the Black Order's attack. The Wakandan princess might still have a way of saving his mind, even if not his body. So, all Vision really needs is a new vessel to inhabit.

It is hard to say if the ones who disintegrated have really perished or if the Infinity Stones precipitated some time reversal or reality warping or soul-searching event. After all, death has never been a permanent, irreversible situation in the world of comics.
He's thinking long-term and losing the battle was necessary to win the ultimate war. Think about it. He had sworn an oath to protect the Orb of Agamotto with his life and he previously did say that he wouldn’t hesitate if he had to sacrifice both Iron Man and Spider-Man to keep it out of Thanos' hands. He's a pretty smart and sensible guy and you can't help but think that he gave up the Time Stone rather too willingly in exchange for Stark's life. Before he turns into dust, he makes an oracular remark to Stark, saying, "There was no other way." He foresaw the only way to defeat Thanos and this must have included the Mad Titan possessing all six Stones.

Just like how Thanos uses the Time Stone to prevent Scarlet Witch from destroying the Mind Stone embedded in Vision's brow, the Sorcerer Supreme must know a way to reverse the events of Infinity War.
In the comics, the Soul Stone has the ability to capture and manipulate the
souls of all sentient beings in the universe. But the stone is also a gateway of sorts to a pocket dimension called the Soul World, where it traps the souls it consumes. In the final scene in Infinity War, Thanos smiles — apparently at peace with himself having accomplished his goal — at an orange-tinged idyllic landscape, which may very well be Soul World. But the smile is preceded
by a moment of regret. When the Mad Titan is reunited with a child version of Gamora in this dreamscape, she confronts him about the cost of his zealous crusade and he replies, "Everything," as if questioning his own actions.
Maybe, Gamora isn't dead but merely trapped inside the Soul World. If all the lives claimed by the Soul Stone merely become part of its pocket dimension, there could be a way to bring back our lost heroes if the remaining Avengers gained possession of the gem. Perhaps, this is why the Russo brothers chose to end their movie with a shot of Thanos and young Gamora looking out at the sunset — to give us hope.