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Could Thor break Captain America's shield & Which is better, DC's The Dark Knight or Marvel’s Avengers: Infinity War?(Your-Movie-World)

Well the sledge doesn't should be of vibranium. Thor hammers is made out of uru metal which is one of the rarest metal in nine relm of wonder universe. Uru metal is as solid as unadulterated adimantium (The thing out of which Wolverine skeleton is made ). 
Vibranium is additionally an extremely uncommon metal
in wonder universe and is known not for its sturdiness but rather for its extraordinary energy of retaining vitality and discharging it. Skipper America shield is made of a blend of both adimantium and vibranium which makes its indestructible and having the ability to ingest the power of assault easily(let it be vitality based or physical assault). Thor hammers is made out of uru metal which have the energy of an outsider sentinal cloud (which was vanquished by Odin and traped in the bit of uru metal out of which the sledge was made) with the goal that implies that thors pound is as sturdy as adimantium and concerning the way that vibranium can ingest vitality there is the energy of sentinal cloud in that mallet which can make colossal measure of vitality which can even be more than the vibranium can retain. Likewise there have been occasions where Captain. Shield was obliterated by enormous elements by there vitality. In short Thor and his sledge have energy to devastate shield and Don not should be made of vibranium. 

what's more, second thing is that he doesn't require vibranium. Thor's mallet, Mjolnir, is made of a captivated metal Uru, an Asgardian valuable metal. The above picture unmistakably demonstrates Thor imprinting Cap's shield and settling it couple of minutes after the fact. Not just demonstrate a small amount of Mjolnir's energy, it additionally demonstrates that Thor is fit for crushing Cap's shield. On the off chance that Mjolnir was made of vibranium, it wouldn't be as effective as it needs otherworldly properties and wouldn't have the capacity to summon lightning. In any case, like how mechanical review jewels are utilized to cut and shape different precious stones, correspondingly a vibranium mallet can harm a vibranium shield. Be that as it may,(Your-Movie-World) Cap's shield is made of a vibranium-proto Adamantium composite thus this is far-fetched. 

Which is better, DC's The Dark Knight or Marvel’s Avengers: Infinity War?

To begin with up please don't contrast the dull knight set of three and some other superhuman motion picture its on its very own level. Also not at all like wonder the dull knight set of three is an impression of Christopher Nolans splendour, despite the fact that the characters depend on DC funnies Nolan has given them his very own touch particularly the joker, which made the performing artist and the character popular. In the event that Nolan had taken after the funnies totally the dull knight set of three would have been completely extraordinary. (Your-Movie-World)
Wonder then again has given this flexibility to the chiefs in the greater part of their motion pictures, u can watch interminably war and still appreciate the story-line regardless of whether u haven't viewed the independent films of individual characters , yet that is not the situation for DC. Take BvsS for eg. the scene where streak sets out back so as to caution Batman must be (Your-Movie-World)comprehended by one who peruses funnies, this is one of the numerous things that separate or at the end of the day make wonder films all the more speaking to the general crowd.

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