Tuesday, June 5, 2018

Can Superman beat Thanos with six Infinity Stones?(Your-Movie-World)


Ok, I'm going to be frank, and I'm sorry to all Superman fans. Superman is comparatively low tier even in the DC universe. In the Marvel universe, I can literally list dozens of characters who could beat him, and a few who could mop the floor with him on a bad day. Anyone with control over one infinity stone could defeat Superman. Dr Strange could loop him in time, anyone with the orb could just obliterate him. The mind stone could make him kill himself, the Aether could, well, it's the reality stone, the possibilities there are endless. Soul stone, you literally could just have him die. Now when you link the stones together, their power grows exponentially, even more drastically once you add the power stone. If you have all six, you are omnipotent, omnipresent, and exist in every conceivable point in time, and know that thoughts of all. And has the ability to literally change reality as you see fit.how exactly would Superman kill something that has his physical level of strength, far superior intellect and can literally see him coming before Krypton existed? Thanos could actually prevent the existence of his entire race, he could prevent his genetic line from beginning, he could kill him from the other side of the universe with, and I'm quoting the trailer here, “a snap of his fingers.” [Cue snapping noise]

And I would bet on a number of the avengers against him too. And a huge number of other villains. And a crap ton of the morally grey characters.
Superman is way overrated in my opinion, and has, (in my somewhat limited exposure to his comics and movie appearances,) little experience fighting powered beings anywhere close to his level. So against non powered beings, like Ironman, falcon, war machine, maybe ant man, Hawkeye and Black Widow, probably. Against comparatively low powered beings, like the winter soldier, captain America, black panther, maybe Scarlet Witch, (I doubt it seeing as she leveled Thor the first time they met,) MCU Quicksilver, I think he would have a somewhat difficult time, like getting out of bed after only one hour of sleep. Against the heavy hitters, like Thor, Hulk, Vision and such, no chance. At that point, he's justa flying, fast moving target with his underwear on the outside. He'd only be a grease spot on the ground after fighting Thanos if Thanos gives him permission to be a grease spot.

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