Something weird ,Marvel unveils first footage from Avengers 4(Your-Movie-World)

Wonder knows how to set up a show. Weeks before their long awaited Comic Con board - an occasion at which fans are anticipating that the studio should debut film from Captain Marvel and uncover the title for Avengers 4 - boss Kevin Feige treated fans at the progressing Cine Europe occasion in Barcelona to selective sneak peaks from the two movies. 

As indicated by the Hollywood Reporter, Disney held sneak peaks for films on their up and coming slate, including Toy Story 4, Aladdin, Dumbo and The Lion King. 

Security was amazingly tight at the occasion, with participants being advised to turn in their mobile phones previously the introduction. In any case, somebody on Reddit offered second-hand portrayals of the recording Marvel appeared. The Captain Marvel film was for the most part in the background, yet one anonymous team part was cited as saying that "Skipper Marvel is going to lead the pack in the whole Marvel Cinematic Universe." 
(Your-Movie-World) With respect to the Avengers 4 film, the Reddit post said that fans were demonstrated a trade between Iron Man and Ant-Man, in which they were talking about another bit of innovation that would empower the Avengers to "go to numerous substances and gather the Infinity Stones." (Your-Movie-World)

his falls in accordance with all the early reports we've heard, and the released set pictures we saw in front of the arrival of Avengers: Infinity War. In the photo, we saw the Avengers back on the Battle of New York set, yet joined by Ant-Man. Fans have conjectured that keeping in mind the end goal to spare the legends who kicked the bucket toward the finish of Infinity War, the surviving individuals from the group would go back in time with the assistance of a Time Stone. (Your-Movie-World)

In those photos we likewise observed every one of the on-screen characters wearing blue increases to their suits, showing the inclusion of new tech. 

Subterranean insect Man and the Wasp is required to bring the Quantum Realm into the Marvel Cinematic Universe, opening the ways to exchange substances. An ongoing informal rundown of the film likewise prodded time travel, substitute substances, and more demise. 
Justice fighters 4 is booked for a May, 2019 discharge. The film will fill in as a conclusion to the present cycle of the MCU.

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