Marvel Comics New X-Men Title for Fall 2018(Your-Movie-World)

In front of the X-Men Panel booked for Sunday, July 22 at 11:15 AM PT amid Comic-Con International in San Diego, Marvel Comics has discharged a secret picture advancing another X-Men arrangement for Fall 2018. 

Obviously, all we need to pass by right now is the picture of the X-Men image and the date we can anticipate that the new title will dispatch, however more subtle elements (and ideally a title and innovative group) will be uncovered at the X-Men-centered board. 

This isn't the main bother for another X-Men arrangement to be discharged in front of the tradition, with a Magneto-centered "Hearts of Darkness" X-Men Black picture appearing a week ago. 

On the off chance that Marvel is wanting to dispatch another X-Men comic, it will have the chance to supplant the as of late reported scratch-offs of X-Men Gold and X-Men Blue, which will both arrive at an end in September. Could this new title select from an alternate shading choice to remain reliable with X-Men Red and the up and coming X-Men Black, or will Marvel return to the great Uncanny X-Men name is impossible to say. 

The time-uproot mutants of X-Men Blue will have their story wrapped up in August's Extermination occasion arrangement as the past, present and eventual fate of mutantkind remains in a critical state. X-Men Gold's wedding issue, shockingly, did not finish up with Kitty Pryde and Colossus tying the not, as the X-Men pioneer left Piotr Rasputin remaining at the sacrificial table. Be that as it may, Gambit ventured up to the plate and requested Rogue's turn in marriage (which she acknowledged) and will lead into their own particular spinoff arrangement, Mr. also, Mrs. X. 

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To wrap things up, there is the Hunt For Wolverine miniseries completing their stories and coming full circle in the Return of Wolverine, as Logan ventures once more into the spotlight of the Marvel Universe after his going in 2014's Death of Wolverine. Wonder will clearly make the declaration of Logan's new progressing arrangement a major ordeal, so there is dependably the shot the Fall 2018 comic is identified with the Avenger and X-Men part. 

For the time being, fans should hold up a couple of more days before realizing what Marvel Comics has in store for its X-Men group of titles.


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